Women in Leadership

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Understand what it takes to be a good leader, critical skills required and how we progress into leadership roles and sustain high performance for ourselves and those who work with us.

This course looks at the unique issues women in the workplace face and how we navigate this to achieve our potential.  Learn how to leverage your strengths, progress your career and continuously develop.

Including resilience and executive stamina, emotional intelligence, dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome and how we manage ourselves as well as lead and inspire others.

Build your brand and credibility, balance the busyness and embrace your authenticity as a leader to motivate those you work with to deliver results.

A woman with 15 years experience in HR and Senior Leadership roles I have worked with many leadership groups across industries and countries.  I combine this with my personal development and coaching work to bring you this course designed to inspire and develop you into the leader you’re capable of being.

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