Resilience: Staying strong when times are tough.  Click to download

Bouncing back from tough times.   Learn what resilience is, why we need it and how we can build it.

Understand how to manage mood and emotions, self control and self care to build strength and resilience.  Understand the power of the mind and how to train it to be more positive.

The role of attitude and mind set and what it is resilient people do.  Understand common thinking traps and resilience challenges.  Make it happen and find motivation and habits that will help sustain your resilience well beyond this course.

Learn practical strategies to help you in your daily life be more resilient and bounce back from the challenges.  How to balance a busy life and avoid burn out.  Discover the art of slowing down to speed up and be more effective.

A life coach and mindfulness teacher coaching individuals and corporate businesses alike.  An author and regular writer for some of the top wellness and personal development magazines.  With 15 years in personal development and my own personal experience or life transformation to draw on.

I know how it feels to be stuck in a rut or scared of the future and simply not have the answers.  I also know how to find those answers, uncover our potential, find balance in life and build our resilience.  As someone who has been there and done this, travelled the path you’re on now I know it’s possible and it’s well worth the effort.

Engaging content, practical tools and techniques as well as bonus material and resources.  Available online and through your device with lifetime access once purchased.  Study at your own pace from your own place to build your resilience