Get Happy 30 day challenge

GET HAPPY: 30 day challenge


Learn simple tools each day that’ll change your life.

Do you want to improve your life, health and happiness this year?  Are the New Years resolutions beginning to crumble?  Are you looking to make life easier but not sure where to start, and let’s face it who has the time to be doing much more than we already are?

Take the 30 day happiness challenge.  30 simple, quick, free and easy changes you can incorporate into your life to see it transform in just a month. 

It’s the question we’re all trying to find the answer to. What is happiness and how do we get it? Happiness is not the mere absence of suffering or temporary cessation of unhappiness. It’s less about elation and perfection more about purpose and fulfilment, being connected to who you are, enjoying the little things and weathering lives storms.

It’s less about a destination we arrive at, searching for that one thing or eventual point in life when our problems are solved and our to do list is done and everything is perfect. That never happens and if we wait all life for happiness we may find it never arrives. Because what we miss is the fact that it’s been there all along, we’ve just been too busy searching for it elsewhere to notice. The point of this challenge is to show us how to tap into the happiness that is already there and inside of us all. How to find joy in everyday and open our eyes to the happiness that exists inside that we can create for ourselves. It’s less about what we buy or what we are and more about who we are, what we value, how we spend our time, the things we chose to notice and how we react to life’s situations.

We fill our lives with the business of searching for happiness in many things and all this pursuit is for one reason, our happiness, yet the very pursuit is taking us further away from the goal. You may want a house, car, job, partner but all you really want is the feeling these things bring; love, status, wealth. The pursuit of all these things is for the sake of happiness. I think we’ve all been there, thinking; “If I could just have this then I’ll be happy”, but when you get this it becomes a case of, “I just want that then I’ll be happy”. It’s a bottomless bucket of constant craving with no fulfilment.

In a nation fuelled by economy and consumerism we are conditioned to think that accumulating material things will make us happy. The result is that we are so concerned with what’s on the outside we forget about the inside. It often feels like we’ve become so busy making a living that we’ve forgotten to make a life. Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in a cycle of chasing happiness yet we seem to be looking in all the wrong places. Instead of pursuing happiness in the external world why not try and create it for yourself.

The challenge has come to a close but have a look at what we did below and follow along at your own pace:

Day 1: Gratitude

Day 2: Get outside in nature

Day 3: Social connection – phone a friend

Day 4: Happiness Jar

Day 5: Random Acts of Kindness

Day 6: Letting go, Clear out the clutter

Day 7: Technology detox

Day 8: Sleep

Day 9: Meditation

Day 10: Drink more water

Day 11: Sit less

Day 12: Mindfulness; be present

Day 13: Pet Therapy

Day 14: Exercise

Day 15: Meat free day

Day 16: Battling busyness

Day 17: Dealing with negative thoughts

Day 18: Breathe

Day 19: Vegetables

Day 20: Goal setting

Day 21: Learn something new

Day 22: Find a new route to work

Day 23: Celebrate success

Day 24: Listen to your favourite song

Day 25: Solitude & reflection

Day 26: What would you do if you won lotto?

Day 27: Create something

Day 28: Self care

Day 29: Smile

Day 30: Making plans, take action

Visit the resources page to download your free copy of the Get Happy, 30 day challenge ebook