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Learn 30 simple, quick, free and easy changes to incorporate into your life to transform it in just a month to create happiness

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Do you want to improve your life, health and happiness this year?  Are you looking to make life easier but not sure where to start, and let’s face it who has the time to be doing much more than we already are?

A life coach and mindfulness teacher coaching individuals and corporate businesses alike.  An author and regular writer for some of the top wellness and personal development magazines.  With 15 years in personal development and my own personal experience or life transformation to draw on.  Described by others as authentic, uplifting and inspiring, full of helpful insights.

I know how it feels to be stuck in a rut or scared of the future and simply not have the answers.  I also know how to find those answers, uncover our potential and build a life we love.  As someone who has been there and done this, travelled the path you’re on now I know it’s possible and it’s well worth the effort.  Come with me and learn the recipe for happiness to ignite your life.

·            Train the brain to be more positive

·            Deal with stress, worry and emotions more effectively

·            Uncover tips and techniques to make you healthier

·            Set goals to achieve the life you dream of living

·            Bring more joy into your day

·            Learn simple tips to improve your health and happiness

2 hours of content, one lecture per day and some practical exercises to download as well as bonus material and resources.

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Take the 30 day happiness challenge.  30 simple, quick, free and easy tips that’ll transform your life and increase your happiness.