Like A Girl

LIKE A GIRL – due for launch March 2018

Uncover your brilliance and thrive at life.  A guide to unlocking your female potential.

‘Like a girl’ was used as an insult growing up.  You throw like a girl, you run like a girl, you cry like a girl.  It transpires as I grew up I did run like a girl and I won most of my races, I played soccer like a girl and as a result was better than most boys in my class but still not allowed to play on the school team.  I also cried like a girl and have learned that our feminine traits make us strong not fragile.

Throughout my career in personal development I’ve met many amazing, beautiful, talented women who feel like they’re not enough, witnessing female leaders try to be more like men to succeed, doubt their abilities and think they need to be someone else when all they need to do is be more like themselves – like a girl.

How do we find balance is a world that places so much expectation on us, a life in which we are exhausted yet still busy striving for perfection?  How do we navigate the unique challenges we face, overcome fear and self-doubt?

Do spend all day juggling too many balls hoping that one won’t drop?  Are you busy doing everything in an attempt to please everyone?  Longing for a time you can enjoy life, not feel so overwhelmed, to draw breath and contemplate the things that matter.

Learn how to embrace your authenticity and leverage the strengths we have as women.  Discover the empowerment of what being like a girl means.  Understand how we build resilience and overcome self-doubt to achieve our goals.  With practical advice to help you uncover your brilliance and thrive at life. 

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About the Author

Born in England and a resident of Wellington New Zealand Jess Stuart is an Author and Coach.  Working in personal development helping people uncover their brilliance.  Drawing on her own journey of personal transformation and years in the corporate world in senior HR positions with big businesses.  Having lived, worked and volunteered in many countries with some inspirational people Jess draws her life experience into her work to empower people to navigate challenges, build resilience, find balance and unlock their potential.