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With 15 years in professional HR and senior management roles and a passion for personal development and helping people be their best.  Working with some of the biggest companies in the country Jess delivers effective Leadership Development focusing on our mental potential, resilience, self-awareness and how to achieve success but also balance through harnessing emotional intelligence, powerful goal setting and understanding mindfulness.

We know the impact engaged employees has on the bottom line yet so rarely do we invest in this enough to see the return on investment.  My courses are designed to help people engage in their jobs (and life), be the best version of thsemselves and understand the power of mind-set and attitude to build resilience, navigate change and achieve their potential.

Depedning on your budget and requirements this can be done in the form of an lunchtime talk right up to an 8 week workshop.  Jess has delivered popular training and workshops on the following topics groups, she is also happy to discuss specific requirements and individual needs;

  • Success; realise your potential
  • Leadership Development
  • Women in Leadership
  • Managing change
  • Values, purpose and goal setting
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Balance: Slowing down to speed up

Jess is also available to deliver her new Mindful Leadership programme in your organisation.  You can download a brief overview of the mindful leadership programme or contact us for further details.

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Mindfulness meditation

If you’d like Jess to come into your workplace to run Mindfulness courses or lunch time meditation sessions please get in touch.  Jess is also available to teach meditation and mindfulness to managers and their employees in regular sessions or as a one off training course.  Contact us for more information, costs and availability.