On a mission to empower people to realise their potential to achieve balance in life, inspiring people to find their purpose, rediscover what matters and make changes to bring about a healthier, happier world.

Working with corporate organisations and clients on a one to one basis coaching, motivaltional speaking and running workshops, seminars and retreats.  Author of the book A Rough Guide to a Smooth Life, a self-improvement guide that shares tools, principles and stories to help others find happiness and guide to living an amazing life.   

A regular writer for some of the biggest online wellness magazines with hundreds of thousands of views.  Jess also has her own blog and runs regular events and retreats and is an on-line course instructor.

Working with some of the biggest companies in the country Jess delivers effective Leadership Development focusing on our mental potential, resilience, self-awareness and how to achieve success but also balance through harnessing emotional intelligence, powerful goal setting and understanding mindfulness.

After a successful career in the corporate HR world Jess decided to follow her passions.  A qualified yoga and meditation instructor with a certificate in Life Coaching.  Jess has trained in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.  Having lived, worked and volunteered in many countries with some inspirational people Jess draws her life experience into her work to share the principles of health and happiness.



Over the past few years I have changed my own life into one I love, this involved leaving a long term relationship, moving overseas, leaving my corporate job and following a different path. Learning a lot about myself and even more about life and happiness along the way. I’ve travelled the world and learned from those who know the art of happiness and I am keen to share this with you to help inspire your life.

I know what it’s like to feel scared of the future, of the unknown and worrying I might not be good enough or have enough and thinking that it’s all just too hard. I know how it feels to be hopelessly clinging to the past and all that feels familiar but I also know how to break down those barriers and liberate yourself to live your dreams, I can help you discover your best life.

Through my articles, books, courses, events and coaching I share what I’ve learned from my own journey and help you create wellness and happiness for yourself.


Born in the UK and a resident of New Zealand. Jess works as a coach, consultant and speaker on health and wellness.  Described as  a wise soul, level headed, easy to relate to, strong and compassionate with an ability to empathise and motivate.

Jess lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her girlfriend and enjoys the beach, bush walks, travel, guitar, yoga, saunas to keep warm in winter and creating delicious food.  You can access the online author profiles for Jess here; Goodreads & Amazon